Rod Walters on a boat with a camera

Rod Walters

I write. I take photographs. I live on Shikoku, Japan’s least developed island.

Originally from Bristol, England, I came to Japan in 1991. My first home was Ōsaka, an exciting, frenetic city, known for its delight in food and lack of greenery. I spent my free time cycling to the mountains around the city. In Ōsaka I met and married a woman from Uwajima, Shikoku. Tiring of big city life after five years, we moved to Ōtsu, a small town beside lake Biwa, and a short bike ride to Kyōto with all of its scenic and cultural treasures. A change of career took us to Kōfu in Yamanashi, where we enjoyed gazing upon the daily changing aspect of Mt. Fuji. A son was born, and we moved to Suwa in Nagano. I became a snowboarder, and then a freelancer. Since my employment no longer depended on my place of work, we moved to Matsuyama on Shikoku, which has been our home since 2001.

My career in Japan has been diverse – I’ve been an ‘English conversation teacher’, an adult educator, a business and technical translator, a sake sommelier, and most recently, a tourism consultant. But throughout these career changes, I’ve been a writer, photographer and influencer.

I write mostly about travel and tourism, although I sometimes cover green energy and rural development. I offer research, writing and photography for articles, features, pamphlets and guidebooks. I can travel anywhere in Japan as required, and I’m happy to join press trips and fam trips. Working alone, my efficiency, élan and productivity inspires awe, but I also work flexibly and cheerfully in a team.

I deliver high-value copy and photos, for which I expect to get paid commensurately. This includes all travel and accommodation.

Please contact me at with any enquiries.

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